XTERRA Oman: EMEA Tour Returns to Musandam

On March 2, 2024, XTERRA Oman will take place in Musandam, marking the second stop on the 2024 XTERRA EMEA Tour. This event distinguishes itself with a course that navigates through distinctive landscapes of Oman, featuring mountainous backdrops and turquoise waters.

The Full Distance Triathlon is the centerpiece of the weekend providing 28 qualification slots for the 2024 XTERRA World Championship in Trentino, Italy, scheduled for September. The full lineup this weekend also includes 21K and 10K trail runs, along with kid’s races, providing a comprehensive challenge for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

XTERRA Oman highlights the commitment to showcase diverse environments for off-road triathlon, trail running, and the promotion of competitive sports within unique natural landscapes.

Course Description

The Full Distance Race is known for its demanding terrain amidst the scenic charm of Musandam’s unique geographical and historical significance. It starts off with a 1.5K swim, where athletes dive from a ferry with varying conditions, from calm to potentially rough waters.

Transitioning to the 30K bike segment, riders will navigate through a mix of terrains in a loop with climbs and descents through the region’s distinctive rock formations. The course demands both physical endurance and strategic pacing in what should be the toughest portion of the race.

The home stretch is a fast and flat 10K run. Despite only slight undulations, the challenge for athletes to maintain their pace towards a strong finish will be put to the test under the current forecast of clear, sunny skies.

Elite Focus: Dominik Wychera Seeks Early Season Dominance

Background and Recent Achievements

Dominik Wychera, hailing from Austria and born in 1993, is a seasoned XTERRA competitor entering 32 XTERRA elite races under his belt since 2018. With a respectable 42nd position in the World Performance Index (WPI) overall rankings, Wychera’s 2023 highlights include a 5th place finish at XTERRA Lake Scanno, a podium spot with 3rd place at XTERRA Portugal, and 12th place at the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship.

Pre-Season Preparations and Team Effort

As Wychera’s 2024 XTERRA racing season kicks off this weekend, his preparation has taken on an international dimension. Opting to train in South Africa to escape the cold Austrian winter, Wychera’s preparation was both rigorous and strategic. “I have been preparing for the season in South Africa during the cold winter months in Austria,” Wychera explains, highlighting his global approach to staying competitive.

This season’s preparations were particularly special as Wychera aimed to launch a team with his partner, Mikaela Jonsson. The endeavor, however, faced unexpected challenges: “I was building the Domika Pro Team with my South African girlfriend Mikaela Jonsson, and we were both really excited to start the season together. Unfortunately, the day before catching her flight…she got injured,” Wychera recounts, shedding light on the unpredictable nature of athletic careers and the struggles that come with it.

Adapting to Challenges and Course Insights

Faced with adversity, Wychera’s resilience shines through. Contemplating a return to Vienna for a season restart, he instead chose to focus on the immediate opportunity at XTERRA Oman. “I almost went back to Vienna/Austria, giving this season a fresh start in Taiwan. But, I used a week to prepare for this race here in Oman. I am looking forward to Saturday to see where I am before the big World Cup racing starts in 3 weeks’ time.”

His reconnaissance of the Oman course offers a glimpse into his tactical approach: “I have been riding around here, and it seems very dry and fast,” Wychera observes, preparing for the unique challenges of the race environment.

XTERRA Oman is set to highlight the Middle East’s off-road sports calendar with its unique setting in Musandam, known as the ‘Norway of Arabia’ for its distinctive fjords and mountain ranges.


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