Updated Collins Cup Standings

Updated team standings for The Collins Cup as the battle for automatic qualification continues

Athletes are ‘In The Hunt’ if they have not yet raced in 2021 but have a strong 2019/2020 points average and are in a position to potentially qualify once they have raced in 2021. This includes athletes who have been on maternity leave and to qualify for The Collins Cup would need to race at least once in 2021. 

Team USA Highlights

  • Sam Long is the new Team USA #1 as a result of scoring 102.33 points at St George putting him over 1 point ahead of the next closest USA man – Rudy von Berg.
  • Rookie Sophie Watts is Team USA #4 as a result of 85.96 and 85.81 points finishes at Texas and St George respectively.

Team Internationals Highlights

  • Jeanni Metzler moves to Team Internationals #3, pushing Sarah Crowley and Ellie Salthousedown to #4 and #5 respectively meaning Ellie loses her position as an automatic qualifier.
  • Jackson Laundry’s 94.24 point result in St George rockets him up to #8 amongst a tightly pack of International men with just under 5 points separating #3 Sam Appleton down to #8 Jackson.

Team Europe Highlights

  • Emma Pallant-Browne moves to Team Europe #5 having scored 100.88 points in St George to give her an average of 93.00 points when combined with her 2019/2020 points. 
  • Magnus Ditlev moves to Team Europe #3 ahead of George Goodwin #4 with Alistair Brownlee ‘In The Hunt’ as he is yet to race in 2021.

The Collins Cup Explainer video explains how the qualification process works, how the teams are selected, the history behind The Collins Cup and builds excitement for the head-to-head battles we can expect to see in August. Sign up, for updates about The Collins Cup https://signup.thecollinscup.com/.

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