Long Extends His Challenge Family World Bonus Lead and Langridge Moves Up to Top Spot

Recent racing at Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee, Challenge Vansbro and DATEV Challenge Roth powered by hep has shaken things up in the US$125k Challenge Family Pro Athlete World Bonus with the big mover, Fenella Langridge, taking the top spot in the women’s rankings after her second place in Roth. With 900 points, she has a clear lead over Sara Perez Sala who sits at 650 while Lucy Buckingham and Anne Haug, winner at Roth, are tied for third with 600. Other movers are India Lee who moves up to seventh with 500 points after her win at Challenge Vansbro, tied with Laura Siddall who moves up following her fourth at Roth.

I love being part of the Challenge Family races… so to be at the top of the rankings is a huge privilege and I feel a lot of pride,” said Langridge.

In the men’s rankings, Sam Long has further extended his lead with his second place in Walchsee and sixth place at Roth. At 875, he is 275 points clear of Magnus Ditlev whose Roth win has catapulted him up into second place with 600. Tied for third are Reinaldo Colucci and Patrick Lange on 500 points with their respective podium finishes in Roth.

It feels good to be well on track in accomplishing one of the main goals I set out this year – to win the World Bonus,” said Long.

Photo Credit: TeamChallenge/Simon Fischer

Challenge Family’s World Bonus provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a US$125,000 end-of-season bonus as well as a prize purse at the races. The World Bonus starts with the first Challenge Family / Clash event in 2022 and ends with the last race taking place in 2022.

The US$125k bonus pays five deep across both men and women with the top ranked pros taking home $25k, second will earn $16.5k and third will win $12k, fourth $6k and fifth $3k.

Full current rankings can be found here.

A/AAthlete (M)PointsA/AAthlete (F)Points
1Sam Long8751Fenella Langridge900
2Magnus Ditlev6002Sara Perez Sala650
3Reinaldo Colucci5003Lucy Buckingham600
3Patrick Lange5003Anne Haug600
5Thomas Steger4505Emma Pallant-Browne550
6Gustav Iden4006Lucy Byram520
6Caleb Noble4007India Lee500
8Richard Varga3007Laura Siddall500
8Ognjen Stojanovic3009Margie Santamaria475
8Bradley Weiss30010Els Visser400
11Clemont Mignon27510Lotte Wilms400
12Tim van Berkel25010Judith Corachan400
12Kristian Høgenhaug25013Grace Thek390
12Mika Noodt25013Svenja Thoes390
12Niek Heldoorn25015Ashleigh Gentle350
12Nicolas Mann25016Amelia Watkinson250
12Steve McKenna25016Haley Chura250
12Antony Costes25016Dimity-Lee Duke250
12Aaron Royle25016Diede Diederiks250
12Pablo Dapena25016Simone Kumhofer250
12Frederic Funk25016Rebecca Clarke250
12Jesper Svensson25022Pamella Oliveira200
12Robert Kallin25022Chantel Sainter200
24Pieter Heemeryck22022Manami Iijima200
25Fraser Walsh20022Alexandra Tondeur200
25Matt Hanson20022Tara Grosvenor200
25Jason West20022Paulina Koftica200
25Roberto Sanchez Mantećon20022Sara Svensk200
25Mattia Ceccarelli20029Sarah Schonfelder175
25Kristian Grue20029Magda Nieuwoudt175
25Nicholas Free20031Romina Palacio Balena150
25Jack Hutchens20031Maja Stage-Nielsen150
25Sergiy Kurochkin20031Marta Bernardi150
34Thomas Davis19031Aleksandra Jedrzejewska150
35Youri Keulen18031Jihyun Lee150
36Joao Ferreira17531Jenny Jendryschik150
37Max Neumann15031Claire Weller150
37Luciano Taccone15031Maria Czesnik150
37Ben Kanute15031Amy Cymerman150
37Emil Holm15031Jenny Nae150
37Andrea Salvisberg15041Julia Skala125
37Florin Salvisberg15042Renee Kiley100
37Miki Taagholt15042Macarena Salazar Ezquerra100
37Lukas Hollaus15042Samantha Kingsford100
37Milan Brons15042Elisabetta Corridori100
37Jihyun Lee15042Nicola Spirig100
37Harry Palmer15042Valentina D-Angeli100
37Kacper Stepniak15042Daniela Kleiser100
37Panagiotis Bitados15042Nicole Falcaro100
37Gabriel Sandor15042Johanna Ahrens100
37Ondrej Kubo15042Rachelle Botti100
52Chris Mintern12542Shiva Leisner100
Photo Credit: TeamChallenge/Simon Fischer

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