Davies, Kocar win XTERRA Short Track Trentino

October 2, 2022 – Daisy Davies (GBR) and Lukas Kocar (CZE) won the 2022 XTERRA Short Track series finale on a picture-perfect blue sky day at Lake Molveno in Trentino, Italy this afternoon with winning times of 38:28 and 33:15, respectively.

At the same time, Loanne Duvoisin (SUI) and Maxim Chane (FRA) won the first-ever XTERRA Short Track series titles following their strong performances in today’s race.

It’s the third career XTERRA Short Track win for Kocar, his second this year, and the first for Davies.

The adrenaline-charged, fast-paced race combined a two-lap swim (200m per lap) with a four-lap mountain bike (1.8k per lap), and two-loop run (1.2K per lap). There was €10.000 in prize money at stake for the race, and €20.000 on the line for the top 10 men and women in the series.

In the women’s race, Daisy Davies, a 20-year-old phenom from Sherborne, stole the show from the start. She posted the fastest swim (6:17) by more than 40-seconds ahead of Amanda Felder (USA) and Sandra Mairhofer (ITA) which gave her a lead she would never relinquish.

“I felt really good today, and just played to my strengths,” she said. “I had a good swim and managed to hold on from there to the end. I don’t come from a swimming background, but I race in the World Triathlon Series and the swim standard is pretty high so you can’t be slacking about.”

Davies also had the third best bike and run splits to take the win with the same 40-second lead she had out of T1, proving she was strong all around.

“I really enjoyed the course and felt comfortable I’d be able to get around it in one piece, but I was aware of the strong runners behind me so pushed the whole way,” she said.

In the chase for second, Duvoisin charged past Mairhofer in the first lap of the run on her way to recording the fastest run split of the day. She came into the race needing to finish in second-place or better and ahead of Alizee Paties (FRA) to win the Series and that’s exactly what she did.

“I knew I had to be in front of Alizee to win the series, so that gave me plenty of motivation,” she said. “Yesterday I had some mechanical problems on the bike like a lot of athletes, and I wasn’t at my best, so it was good to show something strong today in front of my family and friends. Short Track racing is so fun and good for XTERRA to show our sport on TV and in front of all the spectators.”

Mairhofer, who posted the best bike split of the day, came in third just two seconds ahead of Paties in fourth, and Lesley Paterson (GBR) in fifth.

“It was painful today, my legs were hurting from start to finish, but it was so fun,” said Mairhofer. “It was tight racing, but I didn’t think Daisy could put so much time on us in just 400 meters, then push so hard on the bike after yesterday, but she had good legs and did a wonderful race.”

Women’s Results
Place – Name, NAT (Final Time) Points

1 – Daisy Davies, GBR (38:28) 100
2 – Loanne Duvoisin, SUI (39:08) 90
3 – Sandra Mairhofer, ITA (39:45) 82
4 – Alizee Paties, FRA  (39:47) 75
5 – Lesley Paterson, GBR (39:50) 69
6 – Solenne Billouin, FRA  (40:16) 63
7 – Marta Menditto, ITA (40:31) 58
8 – Carina Wasle, AUT (41:08) 53
9 – Beatriz Ferreira, POR (41:34) 49
10 – Kate Bramley, AUS (42:04) 45
Complete Results

Fastest swim: Daisy Davies (6:17)
Fastest bike: Sandra Mairhofer (20:39)
Fastest run: Loanne Duvoisin (10:11)

In the men’s race, the “Shark” Michele Bonacina (ITA) led out of the water for the third time this year, with Francois Vie (POR), Jules Dumas (FRA), Kocar, and Chane close behind.

It took no time at all for Kocar to take the lead on the bike, and he was able to hold on during the run to take his second Short Track win this year.

“What an amazing place and amazing race,” he said. “I had a good swim and a really strong bike. I pushed really hard from the beginning to the finish, and just tried to focus on my run.”

Just like in the women’s race, the battle for the rest of the top spots was incredibly close, with just one-minute separating positions 2-through-9.  

In the end, it was the speedy Felix Forissier who out-sprinted his countryman, Maxim Chane, and brother, Arthur Forissier, on the final lap of the run to cross the finish line in second.

“That was a really great battle with my brother and Maxim. I had to push and push and push, and finish with the sprint,” said Felix Forissier.

For Chane, third-place was the victory, sealing the Series win and providing a bit of redemption.

“I knew if I finished top 3 and beat Jens Emil I would win the Series, so that was the game,” he said. “I had a bad crash on the bike yesterday, and I was feeling strong, so I wasn’t too happy with seventh-place but this makes me feel better. I’m happy to take the first-ever XTERRA Short Track Series title. Of course, I’d trade it for the XTERRA World Championship but that belongs to Arthur Serrieres, and he deserves it.  I think he’s also the fastest on short track, but had maybe too good of a party last night so I was happy to play this game today.”

Men’s Results
Place – Name, NAT (Final Time) Points

1 – Lukas Kocar, CZE (33:15) 100
2 – Felix Forissier, FRA (33:19) 90
3 – Maxim Chane, FRA  (33:21) 82
4 – Arthur Forissier, FRA (33:33) 75
5 – Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen, DEN (33:42) 69
6 – Ruben Ruzafa, ESP (33:57) 63
7 – Federico Spinazze, ITA (34:02) 58
8 – Michele Bonacina, ITA (34:20) 53
9 – Jules Dumas, FRA (34:20) 49
10 – Franco Pesavento, ITA (34:41) 45
Complete Men’s Results

Fastest swim: Michele Bonacina (5:07)
Fastest bike: Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen (17:31)
Fastest run: Felix Forissier (8:52)


Todays’ XTERRA Short Track Trentino race was the last of four events in the 2022 series, in which athletes counted their best three scores. Here’s a look at the top 10 women and men in the final series standings.

Top 10 Women
Place – Name, NAT (Points)

1 – Loanne Duvoisin, SUI (280)
2 – Alizee Paties, FRA (280)
3 – Sandra Mairhofer, ITA (251)
4 – Solenne Billouin, FRA (246)
5 – Jindriska Zemanova, CZE (195)
6 – Carina Wasle, AUT (169)
7 – Amanda Felder, USA (161)
8 – Segolene Leberon, FRA (135)
9 – Beatriz Ferreira, POR (133)
10 – Marta Menditto, ITA (127)

Top 10 Men
Place – Name, NAT (Points)

1 – Maxim Chane, FRA (254)
2 – Felix Forissier, FRA (248)
3 – Arthur Serrieres, FRA (247)
4 – Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen, DEN (241)
5 – Arthur Forissier, FRA (213)
6 – Lukas Kocar, CZE (200)
7 – Ruben Ruzafa, ESP (181)
8 – Michele Bonacina, ITA (175)
9 – Francois Vie, POR (154)
10 – Federico Spinazze, ITA (144)

Photos by Carel du Plessis/XTERRA

All-time XTERRA Short Track Champions
Date (Location) Men’s Winner/Women’s Winner

August 4, 2019 (Prachatice, Czech Republic) Arthur Forissier/Loanne Duvoisin
September 4, 2020 (Prachatice, Czech Republic) Arthur Serrieres/Laura Philipp
October 3, 2020 (Trentino, Italy) Ruben Ruzafa/Marta Menditto
June 5, 2021 (Lake Garda, Italy) Arthur Forissier/Loanne Duvoisin
June 20, 2021 (Prachatice, Czech Republic) Arthur Forissier/Marta Menditto
August 20, 2021 (Zittau, Germany) Lukas Kocar/Diede Diederiks
August 29, 2021 (Pujols, France) Arthur Serrieres/Michelle Flipo
July 2, 2022 (Xonrupt, France) Panagiotis Bitados/Loanne Duvoisin
August 14, 2022 (Prachatice, Czech Republic) Lukas Kocar/Sandra Mairhofer
August 19, 2022 (Zittau, Germany) Felix Forissier/Alizee Paties
October 2, 2022 (Trentino, Italy) Lukas Kocar/Daisy Davies

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