CGS Kids Triathlon Goes Virtual

CGS Kids Virtual Triathlon 2020: Saturday 19-23 June 2020

Changing the world through sports
Become an Ambassador and Encourage, Motivate , Inspire next generation active citizens
True to the team spirit of sport and acutely aware of the pedagogical importance aimed at spreading not only the triathlon but also sports as a lifestyle in general, the CGS Sports Club is organising for the first time in Greece a specially designed Virtual triathlon/duathlon race for children aged 5 to 14 from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June, 2020.

This race celebrates everybody’s participation success Anywhere, Anytime during this global health crisis. 

The race will be held under the aegis of the the National Olympic Academy of Greece and the Greek Federation of Modern Pentathlon.

The main feature of this particular event is the participation of all children with or without previous racing experience, sharing their virtual race accomplishment!

Participants will be charged a nominal fee (5 euros) and all the proceeds of the event will be donated to All Together for the Children – the Association of Non-Profit Societies and Institutions contributing to their cause.

As one of the leading professional services organisations with a long-term successful track record, Deloitte Greece  fully comprehends that it has a wider role to play in society by putting Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its actions will fully support the event.


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CGS (Costeas – Geitonas School)


At CGS we strive to provide an academic setting where every student’s skills and character can flourish to the fullest by encouraging meaningful connections between the classroom and real life experiences. Our students work in an environment of ongoing inquiry, cooperation and mutual respect as they acquire a high caliber education and positive life attitudes to make a contribution to the world they live in.
Established in 1970 and governed by a Board of Directors, CGS is one of Greece’s oldest and most prestigious private schools, providing educational programmes from the pre-school to the secondary school level. Located in Pallini, a northern suburb of Athens on a 67,000 m2 campus, CGS has a student population of 1,260. The majority of the student body is comprised of Greek nationals but there is an emerging international and bi-cultural student population. There are 187 teaching faculty across all levels and 154 members of the school administration.
At the end of our race on June 23rd  we will all celebrate International Olympic Day, living the Olympic values.
We participate, we play, we dream, of a better self, of a better world.Support the race…online!

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