Swimbikerun.gr Stories: Ernesto Espinoza

“I am leaving Greece with such amazing memories. I have had a long sport/medical career in which I had the opportunity to visit many countries, race many venues and meet many people. That been said, the experience I had in Greece from its people kindness, politeness, joy, and passion for everything they do was for me so inspiring, so motivated and mostly humbled. Sometimes people lose the essence of a sport and for sure that had happened to me many times and maybe sadly most recently. Coming to this race and lived what happened at Costa Navarino first 70.3 Ironman Greece regardless of any medal, trophy or position was maybe for me, the best moment along with a thankfully long career. I leave with many many new friends, positiveness and a great admiration for a country that has so much history, culture, monuments, etc but found one of is true and most valuable treasure: its people.”
As we say in Costa Rica: “
Pura Vida

Λόγια του Ernesto Espinoza, “The Doc”, λίγο πριν την αναχώρησή του για την Κόστα Ρίκα. Αναμφισβήτητα ο καλύτερος πρόλογος για το δικό του swimbikerun.gr story: σε ένα συμβολικό χώρο, ο πρώτος νικητής στο 1ο Ironman Greece, μας παρουσιάζει άγνωστες πτυχές του και μας αποκαλύπτει ποιο ήταν το πλάνο του που τον οδήγησε σε αυτή την ιστορική του επιτυχία. Δείτε περισσότερα σε παραγωγή Thrakomac:

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