PEDALITALY Cinque Terre Virtual Race November Calendar 2020

Cycling in Italy from Home

PEDALITALY, is the first digital company in the world specialized in designing and organizing virtual cycling races and tours in Italy. Our mission is to allow passionate cyclists from all over the world to discover the most beautiful cycling destinations in Italy through the most important virtual granfondo events and guided virtual tours.

We’re happy to announce we have partnered up with the Indoor Cycling Workout App Rouvy (https://rouvy.com/en/) becoming their sole partner for the Italian market during the next two years.

Few months ago we started working on a project called “Cycling in Italy from Home” (see article https://www.departures.com/travel/virtual-bike-tour-italy) through which we organized various Italian virtual bike tours and e-races. This experience has taught us that passionate cyclists love the possibility of discovering beautiful new destinations in Italy and adrenaline pumping virtual granfondo events through these virtual experiences.

The project has now blossomed into a new Italian startup called PEDALITALY in partnership with ENDU, with the aim to give cycling enthusiasts around the globe the chance to virtually participate in the most relevant Italian cycling competitions and to discover the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

The digital format is innovative because while pedaling, you discover insights about the area of reference thanks to PEDALITALY.

PEDALITALY Virtual Race November Calendar 2020:

– 5 Terre Virtual Race (Liguria, Italy) 18 November 7:00 p.m (CETDistance: 29,1 km Elevation: 781 mt

– Monte Serra Virtual Race (Tuscany, Italy) 20 November 7:00 p.m (CET) Distance: 29,7 km Elevation: 877 mt

– Mortirolo Virtual Race (Lombardy, Italy) 25 November 7:00 p.m (CET) Distance: 28,8 km Elevation: 985 mt

– “Deejay 100″ – along the same roads of the Road World Championships that took place in Imola (Imola,  Emilia-Romagna) 29 November 10:00 a.m (CET) Distance: 28,8 km Elevation: 560 mt

To give you a better understanding of what our events look like here’s a short video of the Virtual Granfondo Marcialonga Craft test we organised in May in collaboration with ENDU https://www.facebook.com/chronoplusitaly/videos/269552210886064/ . On this occasion we had hundreds of participants, cyclists joined in from all over Europe, Australia and Singapore.

If you are interested to join us for this unique virtual event please let us know by filing in our contact form https://www.chronoplus.com/virtual-tours/.

 PEDALITALY Cinque Terre Virtual Race registrations close at midnight on Monday 16th November 2020.

The virtual race is free of charge as we would like to let passionate cyclists try out the PEDALITALY experience. It would be amazing to have you and others join in.

Here’s a short preview of what you can expect during the Cinque Terre Virtual Race: 

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