Race results (Male and Female Pro) plus price awards

The PTO 2020 Championship at CHALLENGEDAYTONA® served up a thrilling end to a challenging year for professional triathletes as over 100 of the world’s best triathletes battled it out over a 100-kilometre course at CHALLENGEDAYTONA®.

The world-famous Daytona International Speedway® delivered an electrifying race with the 2km swim taking place in Lake Lloyd at the centre of the speedway, an 80km bike and an 18km run. With a $1.15 million prize purse on offer, the largest the sport has ever seen, the racing was fast and furious and broadcast live to a global audience.

Paula Findlay (photo credits: PTO)

Canada’s Paula Findlay won a thrilling battle in the women’s race, managing to hold off Anne Haug who was closing fast on the final stages of the run. Fellow German Laura Philipp rounded off the podium in third after three hours and 24 minutes of racing.

Laura Philipp (photo credits: PTO)
Gustav Iden (photo credits: PTO)

The nail-biting men’s race saw Gustav Iden from Norway triumphing with a perfectly executed race followed by American Matt Hanson in hot pursuit and up-and-coming British star George Goodwin in 3rd. Britain’s double Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee was forced out due to a calf injury after leading on the run.

Matt Hanson (photo credits: PTO)
George Goodwin (Photo credits: PTO)

Both Iden and Findlay bagged an equal paycheck of $100,000 for the win with Finlay commenting “One of those perfect days that never happens… but it did today”.

PTO Professional, Skye Moench commented “It’s incredible to have that prize purse and help elevate professional triathlon.”

Willliam Christy, CEO of CHALLENGENORTHAMERICA® said: “This historical race included, for the first time ever, short course Olympians as well as middle distance and long distance triathletes creating an absolute fast and furious slug fest. Paula Findlay defended her house as the 2019 CHALLENGEDAYTONA® winner to become the PTO 2020 Champion, an incredible feat. Witnessing Gustav Iden pull out in front on the run ahead of such a challenging field was purely electrifying. This new format of mixed distance should only continue to gain in popularity.”

Charles Adamo, Executive Chairman of the PTO, commented, “The PTO’s mission has always been to put the greatest triathletes in the world on display with a world-class broadcast and have them receive just rewards for their tremendous achievements. With the PTO 2020 Championship we have certainly taken a giant step in that direction.  The field for the PTO 2020 Championship was the strongest ever assembled and the prize purse was the largest in history. Working with NASCAR Productions and investing in a truly first-class broadcast, demonstrates that with proper support the sport of triathlon can thrive and the PTO looks forward to continuing its journey to raise the sport of triathlon to new heights.”    

Race results : 

Male Pro:

RankNameNationSwimBikeRunTimePrize Money
1Gustav IdenNOR00:23:4401:41:0200:58:1603:05:06US$ 100,000
2Matt HansonUSA00:24:4001:41:4400:57:2103:05:57US$ 70,000
3George GoodwinGBR00:24:4701:39:3400:59:2903:06:09US$ 50,000
4Lionel SandersCAN00:25:5401:38:3000:59:4603:06:16US$ 35,000
5Rudy Von BergUSA00:23:4101:39:3101:01:2703:06:41US$ 30,000
6Sam AppletonAUS00:23:1401:39:5801:01:3403:06:58US$ 25,000
7Henri SchoemanZAF00:22:2501:42:1501:00:3003:07:16US$ 23,000
8Vincent LuisFRA00:22:2801:41:5301:01:0503:07:21US$ 20,000
9Sam LongUSA00:25:5501:38:2301:01:0503:07:28US$ 18,000
10Andreas DreitzGER00:24:4201:39:1801:01:2303:07:45US$ 17,000
11Javier GomezESP00:22:3001:44:3100:58:4903:07:51US$ 15,000
12Thomas DavisGBR00:22:3501:40:5701:02:1803:07:57US$ 13,000
13Florian AngertGER00:22:4201:40:4101:02:4203:08:14US$ 11,000
14Magnus Elbaek DitlevDEN00:24:5401:38:1201:03:2903:08:57US$ 10,000
15Adam BowdenGBR00:22:3801:43:0201:01:1603:09:16US$ 9,000
16Timothy O’DonnellUSA00:23:1701:40:1401:04:4803:10:15US$ 8,000
17Frederic FunkGER00:23:4701:40:1701:04:0403:10:34US$ 7,000
18Pieter HeemeryckBEL00:24:0301:41:0801:03:3803:10:45US$ 6,000
19Chris LeifermanUSA00:25:5101:42:4601:00:1303:10:58US$ 5,000
20Ben KanuteUSA00:22:3301:42:0201:04:4703:11:21US$ 4,000
21Cody BealsCAN00:24:5901:43:3901:00:5203:11:42US$ 2,500
22Andy PottsUSA00:23:2001:42:0501:04:3503:12:28US$ 2,500
23Ruedi WildSUI00:24:0501:45:2101:01:0603:13:03US$ 2,500
24Jackson LaundryCAN00:24:5101:45:2801:00:4403:13:17US$ 2,500
25Boris SteinGER00:25:0701:39:3501:06:2803:13:24US$ 2,500
26Joe GamblesAUS00:23:5001:44:3801:03:0003:13:47US$ 2,500
27Thomas StegerAUT00:24:0201:44:1201:03:0703:13:56US$ 2,500
28Michael WeissAUT00:26:3301:42:0901:02:4703:14:26US$ 2,500
29Jason WestUSA00:23:1901:47:5701:01:2103:14:52US$ 2,500
30Jonathan BrownleeGBR00:22:3001:43:0501:07:4703:15:12US$ 2,500
31Eneko LlanosESP00:25:0401:45:2701:02:3803:15:41US$ 2,500
32David PleseSLO00:25:1201:46:3101:02:0303:16:29US$ 2,500
33Justin MetzlerUSA00:23:5801:46:1201:04:2003:16:41US$ 2,500
34James CunnamaZAF00:25:5701:43:0501:05:5303:17:13US$ 2,500
35Bradley WeissZAF00:24:4501:45:5501:05:1203:18:18US$ 2,500
36Igor AmorelliBRA00:24:4001:46:1001:08:0303:21:16US$ 2,500
37Matthew RussellUSA00:29:4901:41:5701:07:2103:21:51US$ 2,500
38Ben HoffmanUSA00:24:5501:51:3401:05:3003:24:37US$ 2,500
39Eric LagerstromUSA00:23:1601:49:0301:11:2603:26:08US$ 2,500
40Nils FrommholdGER00:23:2001:53:1601:07:3103:26:38US$ 2,500
41Kieran LindarsGBR00:24:3801:55:4001:05:4103:29:13US$ 2,500
42Taylor ReidCAN00:24:4401:46:5401:15:0903:29:17US$ 2,500
43Philipp KoutnySUI00:25:0601:47:5801:13:5903:29:29US$ 2,500
44Kristian HogenhaugDEN00:25:0201:40:0901:27:5803:35:50US$ 2,500
45Andre LopesBRA00:23:5002:07:1901:05:5103:39:29US$ 2,500
46Jesper SvenssonSWE00:22:5302:03:3901:11:3003:40:25US$ 2,500

Alistair BrownleeGBR00:22:2901:40:58

Andrea SalvisbergSUI00:22:27


Morgan PearsonUSA00:22:31


Matthew McElroyUSA00:22:34


Daniel BaekkegardDEN00:22:40


Sebastian KienleGER00:24:51


Tim DonGBR00:24:53


Andi BoechererGER00:25:00


Female Pro:

RankNameNationSwimBikeRunTimePrize Money
1Paula FindlayCAN00:25:0101:51:1301:06:2503:24:55US$ 100,000
2Anne HaugGER00:25:5501:54:2601:05:0103:27:32US$ 70,000
3Laura PhilippGER00:26:5501:53:1101:07:2303:30:00US$ 50,000
4Holly LawrenceGBR00:24:5801:55:3801:08:2603:31:09US$ 35,000
5Amelia WatkinsonNZL00:25:5701:55:0601:08:3803:31:50US$ 30,000
6Skye MoenchUSA00:26:0401:54:1801:09:4403:32:30US$ 25,000
7Fenella LangridgeGBR00:24:5401:55:1701:11:1003:33:42US$ 23,000
8Sara SvenskSWE00:26:5201:54:1001:11:0603:35:00US$ 20,000
9Elisabetta CurridoriITA00:27:4301:56:3201:08:1703:35:07US$ 18,000
10Nicola SpirigSUI00:24:5901:59:4201:08:2303:35:11US$ 17,000
11Alissa DoehlaUSA00:26:1001:58:3501:07:3303:35:17US$ 15,000
12Emma PallantGBR00:25:5901:57:0101:09:5103:35:47US$ 13,000
13Kimberley MorrisonGBR00:26:5301:51:2401:15:5503:36:31US$ 11,000
14Manon GenetFRA00:27:1501:56:5401:10:0103:36:35US$ 10,000
15Jodie StimpsonGBR00:24:5902:00:3901:08:4803:36:38US$ 9,000
16Nikki BartlettGBR00:27:4701:54:1401:12:4703:37:14US$ 8,000
17Jeanni SeymourZAF00:25:0001:58:4301:11:1803:37:23US$ 7,000
18India LeeGBR00:25:2901:56:1501:13:4903:37:58US$ 6,000
19Jackie HeringUSA00:26:4901:55:5801:12:5103:38:19US$ 5,000
20Heather JacksonUSA00:29:1101:55:5101:11:3503:38:41US$ 4,000
21Judith Corachan VaqueraESP00:26:1401:57:2001:12:4403:38:46US$ 2,500
22Lesley SmithUSA00:27:2102:02:1601:06:3903:39:20US$ 2,500
23Carrie LesterAUS00:26:0301:55:3801:14:3703:39:42US$ 2,500
24Sarah CrowleyAUS00:26:0201:56:5701:14:5603:40:33US$ 2,500
25Emma BilhamSUI00:26:2401:59:0201:12:5003:41:00US$ 2,500
26Pamella OliveiraBRA00:25:0301:54:4001:19:0203:41:05US$ 2,500
27Lauren BrandonUSA00:24:2401:55:3201:18:4903:41:17US$ 2,500
28Lucy HallGBR00:24:1601:55:0701:20:4503:42:18US$ 2,500
29Danielle LewisUSA00:32:2001:55:1901:13:1303:43:08US$ 2,500
30Gurutze Frades LarraldeESP00:31:1001:59:0601:10:1703:43:28US$ 2,500
31Renee KileyAUS00:29:1201:54:2101:17:5803:44:40US$ 2,500
32Rach McBrideCAN00:27:4301:56:5201:17:2603:44:58US$ 2,500
33Amelie KretzCAN00:25:2502:01:5201:16:3703:46:07US$ 2,500
34Lisa BecharasUSA00:27:4701:57:1401:19:0003:46:52US$ 2,500
35Jennifer SpieldennerUSA00:25:2302:01:0201:19:1303:48:12US$ 2,500
36Michelle VesterbyDEN00:26:5501:58:5201:19:5903:48:47US$ 2,500
37Kelsey WithrowUSA00:25:5602:00:2401:19:3703:48:47US$ 2,500
38Agnieszka JerzykPOL00:26:5702:04:1501:17:5003:51:24US$ 2,500
39Kristin LiepoldGER00:35:2202:08:2301:09:2003:57:24US$ 2,500
40Angela NaethCAN00:30:5701:59:4201:24:5603:58:21US$ 2,500

Lisa NordenSWE00:25:0201:51:04

Carolin LehriederGER00:26:00


Katrina MatthewsGBR00:27:45


Ruth AstleGBR00:30:24


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